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The ability to quickly produce an articulate and professional PowerPoint presentation is an invaluable skill in the corporate world. If you are looking to create a Gallup PPT template, here are the tools and examples you need--from libraries of pre-made PowerPoint templates to a guide on Powerpointing techniques and frameworks (developed by management consulting firms).

Business Frameworks

Learn frameworks used to break down complex business issues and present findings & analyses in PowerPoint. These are the same business frameworks practiced by experienced strategy consulting firms and embody the look and feel of a Gallup PPT template.
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Pricing Strategy Toolkit (with Excel Model)
^ Browse all 40 slides
$59   $49 
Growth Strategy Toolkit
^ Browse all 31 slides
$59   $45 
Business Case Development Toolkit (with Excel model)
^ Browse all 34 slides
$59   $49 
Strategy Development Toolkit
^ Browse all 37 slides
Strategic Sourcing
^ Browse all 17 slides
MBA Business Frameworks Toolkit I
^ Browse all 123 slides
$49   $39 
Cost Reduction Toolkit
^ Browse all 26 slides
Account Management Templates
^ Browse all 16 slides
Industry Supply Curve
^ Browse all 26 slides
Creative Thinking in Strategy Development
^ Browse all 41 slides

Business Presentation Guide - Create a Gallup PPT template yourself

How do I structure my story? How do I lay out my slide? What diagram should I be using? These are some of the questions our book addresses in detail, as we discuss methodologies, frameworks, and tricks used to create professional presentations in the business world. Gain the necessary skills to create effective business presentations (e.g. Gallup PPT template).
Some topics covered in our book include:
  • Storyboarding - Learn how to construct an insightful and articulate story for your audience using concepts like the Pyramid Principle, MECE, and PCPV.
  • Slide Design - Learn how to design your slide--from slide architecture, to diagram and chart selection, to text box size and location.
  • Diagramming - Learn basic to advanced diagramming techniques, including how to construct "The Missing PowerPoint Diagram".
  • Efficiency Techniques - Learn how to greatly reduce the time it takes for you to create a presentation.
  • Consulting Methodologies - Learn the proven methodologies developed and practiced by leading strategy consulting firms.
  • The PowerPoint Toolkit - Free with eBook. Preview this toolkit here.
  • The Slides Reference Pack - Free with eBook. Preview here.
  • And more!
FREE Slides Reference Pack included with eBook
FREE PowerPoint Toolkit included with eBook

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"I manage a business doing over 50 million in sales. I have found the growth strat toolkit to be tremendously insightful in how I should look at growing my company. Would not hesitate to recommend this doc to others."

– CEO, Consumer Products Startup
  "These products were excellent, saved me tons of time for my deliverables, and were highly revered by my managers and clients!"

– Associate at Strategy Consulting Firm
Our PowerPoint book and products have been used by a number of MBA students, Fortune 500 companies, and other organizations.

Additional Management Consulting Frameworks

A growing collection of management consulting frameworks, covering a diverse set of corporate functions and management topics, in the same style as Gallup PPT template. All PowerPoint presentations are editable and customizable.

Pre-made PowerPoint Templates

The same PowerPoint diagrams and PowerPoint templates used in executive presentations designed by top consulting and market research firms. Create a Gallup PPT template by leveraging these resources! All PPT templates are editable and customizable.
Fishbone Diagrams
^ Browse all 7 slides
$25   $20 
Crawl Walk Run
^ Browse all 9 slides
Relationship, Segment, & Network Diagrams
^ Browse all 40 slides
$49   $29 
Maps of the World
^ Browse all 11 slides
Building Block Diagrams
^ Browse all 10 slides
Circular Approaches and Force Diagrams
^ Browse all 30 slides
$39   $29 
Puzzle Pieces
^ Browse all 16 slides
Advanced Linear Approach Diagrams
^ Browse all 37 slides
Maps of Countries & Regions
^ Browse all 74 slides
People & Process Icons
^ Browse all 6 slides
Supply Chain Icons
^ Browse all 7 slides
$39   $29 
Pyramid Diagrams
^ Browse all 20 slides
Leverage Diagrams
^ Browse all 13 slides
Box Diagrams
^ Browse all 31 slides
$39   $29 
Rule of Three Diagrams
^ Browse all 41 slides

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Regional Diagrams
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Individual Frameworks
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Business Strategy
Operational Excellence
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Business Presentation Guide
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Founded in 2010, learnppt offers the Powerpointing tools you need to create professional and effective business presentations. Our products range from ready-to-use PowerPoint Diagrams to consulting-quality Business Strategy Frameworks and have been used by Fortune 500 companies, top MBA programs, and leading management consultancies. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us using any of the methods listed to the right.

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