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Become a PowerPoint Guru. Methodologies, frameworks, and tricks to create presentations in the business world.
Growth Strategy Toolkit. From Michael Porter to Blue Ocean, learn how strategy consultants conduct a growth strategy initiative.
Business Case Toolkit. Learn both the quantitative and qualitative sides to business case development. Excel model also included.
Pricing Strategy. Understand the analysis you need to do to properly price your product or service.
Strategy Development. Learn foundational concepts behind successful corporate strategies.
Cost Reduction. Identify over 45 cost take-out opportunities across your corporate Value Chain.

LearnPPT is your premiere destination for business presentation materials. Our products include PowerPoint templates and diagrams, business frameworks, and a guide on developing effective business presentations. Head over to our "quick nav" section for a full breakdown of our offerings.

Whether you're a business analyst, a business school candidate, or a C-level executive, it may be worth your time to browse our full selection of products. In fact, since our founding in 2010, our products have been used by customers in Fortune 500 companies, top MBA programs, and leading management consultancies across over 40 countries.

Our products are of the highest professional caliber, designed by management consultants. In other words, our products are what you would expect to be produced by a top-tier strategy consulting firm.

We have satisfied customers in over 40 countries.

Pre-made PowerPoint Diagram Packs

Our Diagram Packs are collections of PowerPoint diagram templates. Each collection has a theme (e.g. Fishbone Diagrams, Gantt Charts, World Maps). Each template can be easily lifted and modified for your business presentation diagramming needs. These templates are perfect for executive and other business presentations. In fact, these are the same diagrams used by top consulting, marketing, and research firms. All of our PowerPoints were created by former management consultants.

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Flags of the World
^ Browse all 210 slides
Marketing and Sales Funnels
^ Browse all 10 slides
Maps of EMEA
^ Browse all 51 slides
Fishbone Diagrams
^ Browse all 7 slides
Maps of Asia Pacific (APAC)
^ Browse all 23 slides
$25   $20 
Crawl Walk Run
^ Browse all 9 slides
Relationship, Segment, & Network Diagrams
^ Browse all 40 slides
Maps of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China)
^ Browse all 17 slides
$39   $29 
Hierarchy, Organization, & Logic
^ Browse all 23 slides
Gantt Charts, Schedules, and Calendars
^ Browse all 23 slides

Individual Business Frameworks and Full Business Strategy Toolkits

Learn and successfully execute any type of engagement in the business world. Our frameworks range from teachings of military strategists, e.g. Sun Tzu's Art of War, to traditional strategy frameworks, e.g. Michael Porter, to new age marketing strategy, e.g. Blue Ocean Strategy. Each Business Framework document focuses on a specific business concept, and includes both instructional and template slides. Some documents also include Excel financial models. All of these documents are strategy consulting quality.

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$59   $49 
Pricing Strategy Toolkit (with Excel Model)
^ Browse all 40 slides
Porter's Five Forces
^ Browse all 28 slides
$59   $49 
Growth Strategy Toolkit
^ Browse all 31 slides
PEST Analysis
^ Browse all 13 slides
$59   $45 
Business Case Development Toolkit (with Excel model)
^ Browse all 34 slides
SWOT Analysis
^ Browse all 12 slides
$59   $49 
Strategy Development Toolkit
^ Browse all 37 slides
Scenario Planning
^ Browse all 25 slides
IT Strategy Toolkit
^ Browse all 32 slides
$29   $25 
BCG Growth-Share Matrix
^ Browse all 11 slides

"I manage a business doing over 50 million in sales. I have found the growth strat toolkit to be tremendously insightful in how I should look at growing my company. Would not hesitate to recommend this doc to others."

– CEO, Consumer Products Startup
  "These products were excellent, saved me tons of time for my deliverables, and were highly revered by my managers and clients."

– Associate at Strategy Consulting Firm
"I didn't have a significant amount of powerpoint experience prior to b-school so the learning curve was steep. Time is limited and the amount of work to get up to speed wasn't realistic. The learnppt book and accompanying out of the box templates have been instrumental in helping me manage my time and still get the job done."

– Columbia Business School Alum
  "More and more executives don't want to get bogged down with fancy powerpoints and frills that don't add value. The techniques in your book have been great in helping me communicate my message in a crisp, straightforward manner yet still produce professional tools."

– Manager at Deloitte & Touche
Our PowerPoint book and products have been used by Fortune 500 companies, MBA students, and other organizations.

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Business Strategy
Operational Excellence
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Founded in 2010, learnppt offers the Powerpointing tools you need to create professional and effective business presentations. Our products range from ready-to-use PowerPoint Diagrams to consulting-quality Business Strategy Frameworks and have been used by Fortune 500 companies, top MBA programs, and leading management consultancies. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us using any of the methods listed to the right.

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