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Need a presentation created, but don't have the time? Let us help you out. With an experienced team of presentation designers trained by management consulting firms, we can take your scanned notes and convert them into professional PowerPoint slides or just reformat your existing slides. See the full list of our presentation services below.

Please email us at the email below for information. Thank you.
  • Per Project – If you need one-time assistance, we offer project-based work at the flat hourly rate of $50/hour. Further details, such as slide churn rates, are the bottom of the page.

  • Per FTE Resource – If you need ongoing presentation assistance, you can now add our presentation designer resources to your team. One FTE works 40 hours a week at $40/hour (or $1,600/week). FTEs can be added in increments of 1/2 (i.e. blocks of 20 hours/week). We require at least a one week notice for any changes to your FTE resourcing needs.


Here is a break down of presentation services we provide:

  • Conversion of scanned notes into PowerPoint slides (see examples to the right)

  • Development of PowerPoint master template

  • Creation of data-driven PowerPoint charts from hand-drawn graphs

  • Conversion of Excel charts to PowerPoint charts

  • Conversion of other file formats (e.g. PDF, TIF, Word Doc) to PowerPoint slides

  • Conversion of PowerPoint slides from one master template to another

  • Visual enhancement of existing PowerPoint presentations to increase the professional look of the presentation

  • Conversion of PowerPoint presentations to Flash or AVI formats

We charge a single rate any of our services listed above. For more samples and information, please email us at

We have a strict security policy to ensure the confidentiality and security of your presentation and data. Prior to the start of any engagement, we will sign NDAs as requested by you and your organization.

INPUT (Scanned Notes) OUTPUT (PowerPoint Slides)


Our presentation designers are hired from McKinsey's Graphic Visuals team, based in India. Graphic Visuals provided business presentation creation support to McKinsey's consulting arm. For project-based work, quality assurance is performed in the U.S.

For converting scanned, handwritten notes into PowerPoint slides, the rate of creation is about 2-3 slides/hour. We do offer templates you can use (click here to view and download that template) to accelerate this process. For formatting existing slides, the rate is about 5-6 slides/hour.

Billing and invoicing is done through our payment processor, PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards. We can provide a separate non-PayPal invoice upon request.

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We are looking for motivated, independent sales people to join our Business Development team. Please contact us at if you're interested and would like to learn more. Thank you.

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Founded in 2010, learnppt offers the Powerpointing tools you need to create professional and effective business presentations. Our products range from ready-to-use PowerPoint Diagrams to consulting-quality Business Strategy Frameworks and have been used by Fortune 500 companies, top MBA programs, and leading management consultancies. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us using any of the methods listed to the right.

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