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Our Business Framework Toolkits are very comprehensive business documents. These are the same business principles taught by top MBA programs and practiced by global strategy consulting firms.

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Strategy Execution Toolkit
^ Browse all 47 slides
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Pricing Strategy Toolkit (with Excel Model)
^ Browse all 40 slides
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Business Case Development Toolkit (with Excel model)
^ Browse all 34 slides
Creative Thinking in Strategy Development
^ Browse all 41 slides
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Strategy Development Toolkit
^ Browse all 37 slides
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Cost Reduction Toolkit
^ Browse all 26 slides
IT Strategy Toolkit
^ Browse all 32 slides
MBA Business Frameworks Toolkit III
^ Browse all 89 slides
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Growth Strategy Toolkit
^ Browse all 31 slides
MBA Business Frameworks Toolkit II
^ Browse all 103 slides
MBA Business Frameworks Toolkit I
^ Browse all 123 slides

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Founded in 2010, learnppt offers the Powerpointing tools you need to create professional and effective business presentations. Our products range from ready-to-use PowerPoint Diagrams to consulting-quality Business Strategy Frameworks and have been used by Fortune 500 companies, top MBA programs, and leading management consultancies. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us using any of the methods listed to the right.

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