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Business Strategy Introduction

Whether you're managing your own business or working for a Fortune 500 company, Business Strategy is integral to your company's success. In today's global and virtual business environment, strategy in business has become increasingly complex and requires knowledge and expertise across a broad range of domains. Many companies rely on top-name, expensive consulting firms, like McKinsey, to help them develop business strategies. Below, we have assembled robust toolkits used by these top management strategy consulting firms.

Business Strategy Toolkits

Our experienced team recommends the 6 toolkits below. Topics range is very encompassing--from lessons of military strategists, e.g. Sun Tzu's Art of War, to traditional strategy frameworks, e.g. Michael Porter, to new age marketing strategy, e.g. Blue Ocean Strategy.
$59   $49 
Growth Strategy Toolkit
^ Browse all 31 slides

This toolkit was developed by strategy consultants from a leading firm. It frames the various horizons of the "growth challenge," and dives into various strategy frameworks for growth--from Porter's Five Forces to Blue Ocean. This detailed document also includes case examples, a full growth strategy initiative breakdown, and tabulation of key growth strategy work products.
$59   $49 
Strategy Development Toolkit
^ Browse all 37 slides

This guide to Strategy Development breaks down all the elements of Strategy Development. It covers strategy concepts from military strategists (e.g. Sun Tzu's Art of War) to modern day strategy development thought leaders (Henry Mintzberg and Bower). Furthermore, this document explains a 3-phase approach to Strategy Development, including hierarchical challenges, activities, and deliverables.
$59   $49 
Pricing Strategy Toolkit (with Excel Model)
^ Browse all 40 slides

This document provides an in-depth discussion on Pricing Strategy, including Skimming vs. Penetration, Pricing Tactics & Terminology, Product Adoption Lifecycle, Price Curve Analysis, and Price Sensitivity Analysis. Also, it includes a Price Sensitivity Financial Model (Excel document).
$59   $45 
Business Case Development Toolkit (with Excel model)
^ Browse all 34 slides

Any project requiring a non-trivial investment must be supported by a robust business case to justify the economics of this pursuit. This toolkit outlines the objectives, components, and processes involved with developing a strong bcase. Furthermore, it includes a capital budgeting business case model (Excel financial model).
Consolidation Endgame Curve
^ Browse all 31 slides

Every major strategic and operational move should be evaluated with regard to the industry's stage in the Consolidation Curve (or Endgame Curve). This a framework based on the study of 25,000 firms globally (representing 98% of the global market cap), showing that all industries consolidate and follow a similar course through the 4 stages of: Opening, Scale, Focus, and Balance & Alliance.
$49   $39 
Cost Reduction Toolkit
^ Browse all 26 slides

Explore cost reduction opportunities across the Value Chain. In this toolkit, cost reduction initiatives are categorized in the areas of Enterprise-wide Opportunities, Asset Management Opportunities, and Function-specific Opportunities. Over 45 cost reduction initiatives identified--for each initiative, specific examples are provided, along with projected potential savings.

The Complete Business Frameworks Toolkits

The documents below are very comprehensive business framework documents. Originally designed for MBA candidates, these toolkits are our among our best sellers and have been downloaded by some of the most established corporations and boutique strategy consultancies.
The full set of 3 includes over 300 PowerPoint slides covering 45 core business frameworks. Included frameworks are strategic, operational, and financial. Click on the icon to see exactly what's inside, including a full preview of the product.

MBA Toolkit I includes most of your well known business strategy frameworks and tools, such as SWOT Analysis, Balanced Scorecard, and Business Marketing Strategy. Of the three, MBA Toolkit II has the strongest focus on financial analysis methodologies.

Get all 3 framework toolkits at over 30% off

MBA Business Frameworks Toolkit I
^ Browse all 123 slides
MBA Business Frameworks Toolkit II
^ Browse all 103 slides
MBA Business Frameworks Toolkit III
^ Browse all 89 slides

"I manage a business doing over 50 million in sales. I have found the growth strat toolkit to be tremendously insightful in how I should look at growing my company. Would not hesitate to recommend this doc to others."

– CEO, Consumer Products Startup
  "These products were excellent, saved me tons of time for my deliverables, and were highly revered by my managers and clients!"

– Associate at Strategy Consulting Firm
Our PowerPoint book and products have been used by a number of Fortune 500 companies, MBA institutions, and other organizations.

Individual Business Strategy Frameworks and Templates

Here are PowerPoint documents of individual business strategy frameworks and templates. Browse our complete selection of business frameworks and PowerPoint templates.
Porter's Five Forces
^ Browse all 28 slides
SWOT Analysis
^ Browse all 12 slides
Scenario Planning
^ Browse all 25 slides
IT Strategy Toolkit
^ Browse all 32 slides
$29   $25 
BCG Growth-Share Matrix
^ Browse all 11 slides
Strategic Sourcing
^ Browse all 17 slides
Value Chain Analysis
^ Browse all 18 slides
Soft Side of Change Management
^ Browse all 22 slides
$25   $20 
Crawl Walk Run
^ Browse all 9 slides
Product Life Cycle
^ Browse all 36 slides
Five Stages of Small Business Growth
^ Browse all 27 slides
Industry Supply Curve
^ Browse all 26 slides
Market Analysis Framework
^ Browse all 19 slides
Financial Ratios & Comparables Analysis
^ Browse all 24 slides
Creative Thinking in Strategy Development
^ Browse all 41 slides
$59   $49 
Strategy Execution Toolkit
^ Browse all 47 slides
Competitive Comparison Framework
^ Browse all 26 slides
$39   $29 
McKinsey 7-S Strategy Model
^ Browse all 26 slides
The Psychology of New Product Adoption
^ Browse all 46 slides
Innovation Diffusion: Rogers' Five Factors
^ Browse all 29 slides

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